11/10/15 Musings


The BMI (Body Mass Index) has always been an unreliable proxy for health, primarily because it does not distinguish between lean tissue and fat tissue. This article sheds light on how the waist-to-hip ratio correlates much more strongly to higher risks of dying than the BMI. How much stronger? This quote illustrates the magnitude perfectly:

"...carrying weight around the midsection puts people at higher risk of dying than being obese. This was true even if someone was “normal weight” according to their BMI, but had “central obesity,” as the study terms it."

The takeaway here is even if an individual has a normal bodyweight,  central obesity still increases their risks of dying compared to those who do not have central obesity.  




Google makes an unprecedented move by opening sourcing its TensorFlow software. This is an inflection point in how Google operates because they have a track record of being tight lipped with their coveted software codes. Google's rationale behind this was so that outsiders could improve on this relatively nascent software and redound to Google's benefit.  

The change in Google's philosophy is something to take note of here in our current networked age.  It is axiomatic that in order to succeed in many businesses today, you need to provide value first to garner credibility and trust. Many of the most successful online prep coaches in the fitness industry started their careers by providing advice on bodybuilding/fitness forums or writing articles gratis.  I know this because I watched some of these coaches acquire a following and now have such a thriving clientele that some of them rely solely on online coaching to make a living.

Gary Vaynerchuk, one of the most revered entrepreneurs today, achieved astronomical growth for his company by launching Wine Library TV on YouTube in 2006.  Gary V harnessed social media to educate consumers about wine free of charge. Gary now fields questions daily on his AskGaryVee Q&A YouTube show again.......free of charge. He's a staunch believer in the "jab, jab, jab, right hook" philosophy. The jabs signify providing value to and developing relationships with potential customers. The right hook signifies the attempt to convert traffic to sales, where you can finally ask consumers to purchase your product.