De Novo Nuggets

More than any hack you will ever learn for select endeavors in your life, I am a firm believer that a philosophy of life should be established first. It will not only be the lens through which you view everything, but it underpins where you direct your efforts, what relationships you invest in, amd what you find valuable in life.  It is not a coincidence that many successful people refer back to philosophic teachings from the Stoics and Buddhists. 

With that said, here are some transcribed segments from the De Novo Nutrition Podcast that struck a nerve with me. Whether you are into fitness or not, perhaps this will inspire you to question assumptions you have and perform some thought experiments:

“Be brutally honest and objective with yourself about the facts. Stay based in reality about what you can actually succeed in. If you come to conclusion of this objective reality that you’re not as good as you want to be, we aren’t saying to give up, but find your role. The interesting thing about the internet is that there are opportunities for many niches. If you can hone in on a niche that you’re very good at, you shouldn’t even feel like you need to force it, it should happen naturally. Life hits hard in the long term, so if you spend 30 years believing you’re going to be something and being only around “yes” people, I’m sorry but it’s going to be ugly when it finally hits you in the face. 

It is important to enjoy the process, but at what point do you start asking yourself “Am I investing myself too much in this process and not receiving anything from it? Is it detrimental b/c I am skewed too highly towards this orientation vs. being goal oriented?”  I think the only way to define detriment at this point in time is if it doesn’t allow you to do the things to fulfill your basic needs of life living in current society. 

Regardless of what you believe, you know you only have a certain number of years here. You should try to maximize the experience for yourself. Happiness is obviously tied to that. My life consists of being as sustainably happy as I can. 

A multi-potentialite is someone who has a wide variety of different skills and they are relatively proficient in all of them and they can interconnect all of these skills in unique and novel ways. It can be difficult for that sort of person in this kind of society because you are often told that you need to pick one thing to be good at. 

He told me something that really changed my life. He said you don’t have to compete if you don’t want to. Opting out is a choice. We often forget that and we think we can’t quit and need to keep pushing. You can quit and start investing in something else very quickly. Especially in your early days, it’s important to pay attention your natural advantages that you have and they can be keys about your strong points and filter you into things.  What you’re good at is a good thing to pick for your obsession. You have to have an interest first, then dabble, then commit, then you can go all in. 

To tie it back from sports into life, it’s no mistake that the next thing you do, you will be good at it. If you got good at bodybuilding, there’s no mistake the next thing you do, you will take those talents over. You are well equipped with a nice base. Elon Musk, he did paypal and it was a multi-billion dollar stepping stone. Gary V, and had stepping stones. Profits aren’t always fiscal. Profit can be what you learn of the mind. 

You should think often about how you are going to feel when you realize you have minutes or seconds left before I die. What are you going to review in those moments? If you can move forward and put yourself in that place and you have a list of tangible things, you need to get moving on that list. It’s very simple. This thought experiment, don’t be afraid of it because you will inevitably be thinking those things. Your time is finite, that is a fact. 

You and other people know Fitness Jorge. But you’re getting a chance now to find real Jorge. The best part about it is that now you can pursue other things and become a better version of yourself but in the long run, if you stay in fitness you can give more back too b/c you weren’t totally consumed by it. It’s a beautiful thing. One of the worst things is to be a one trick pony where "This is the only mode of me, this is all I know how to do" because what happens when that is gone?

At some point, you have to enter the real world where you do need to get a full time job where fitness, training, and eating can’t be your full time job because it can consume you. I think that it’s very defining what you choose to do at that crossroads. It’s almost like you’re shedding that reptile skin. But what are you shedding to do? On one fork, you can shed and keep stubbornly chasing what wasn’t [offering you any ROI]. That’s when an experimental mistake becomes an actual mistake. Failures are beautifully packaged life lessons.

I feel that as a society, we are too much like consumers. I went to the mall the other day and it was like people flooded buying things. So, wait let me get this right. M-F you work all day and then if you’re lucky, you get 1 free day and you choose to spend it in MORE CORPORATIONS and give it right back to them!?!? If you don’t be careful, you’re going to get lost in eating too much.  We already have that in this society with food. But even of the mind [referring to Game of Thrones].”